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Will Rising Seas Engulf NJ’s History?

As seas rise, conflict beckons over which NJ historic sites to save

ANDREW S. LEWIS, MICHAEL SOL WARREN, AYURELLA HORN-MULLER / NJ SPOTLIGHT NEWS – The Garden State’s history is starting to wash away.

New Jersey as it exists today was built up over hundreds of years from the arrival of Europeans, and thousands of years of Lenape settlement before that. Reminders of the past are scattered everywhere — the state has more than 100,000 historic properties, one in nearly every city and town.

“This is part of our cultural consciousness,” said Barton Ross, a past president of the advocacy group Preservation New Jersey. “To experience the historic neighborhoods and what they bring” …

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Hundreds of historic properties and districts in New Jersey are vulnerable to flood events due to either their location in a floodplain or projected increases in sea level. A storymap created by Rutgers graduate student and Climate Corps member Amanda O’Lear presents a spatial analysis of historic properties at risk throughout the state.