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Opportunities to Address Ocean Acidification Impacts in New Jersey

Ocean acidification (OA) is the process by which the addition of carbon dioxide acts to increase seawater acidity and lower pH, with potentially harmful ecological and economic consequences. As such, the New Jersey Coastal Management Program (CMP) engaged a team at Rutgers University to offer insights as to potential approaches that the CMP could undertake to initiate a focused OA effort in New Jersey. This report includes:

• Insights and observations about OA opportunities and policies in New Jersey;
• A Summary Table of 11 States’ Ocean Acidification Efforts;
• Groundwork Toward Developing a New Jersey OA Observation and Research Plan;
• Outline of a Potential OA Plan for New Jersey based on best practices in other states.

Opportunities to Address Ocean Acidification Impacts in New Jersey

September 2020

What Is Ocean Acidification?

September 2020

A brief introduction to the causes and potential impacts of ocean acidification and how we can address them.

Developing a Statewide New Jersey Ocean Acidification Monitoring Network

November 2021

A virtual workshop facilitated by Rutgers University and the ocean acidification team from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection’s Coastal Management Program (NJCMP) focused on developing a statewide ocean acidification (OA) monitoring network.